User Guide

Starting a sync manually

A sync can be started manually from the phone. If you are synchronizing over Wi-Fi, you may need to give the phone enough time to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The Windows Phone OS turns Wi-Fi off when the screen is locked and the phone is not plugged in to charge. When you unlock the screen, the phone turns on Wi-Fi and attempts to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.


ATTENTION: Although the reconnect process is usually very quick it may take as long as 30 seconds or longer. To check whether the phone has connected to your Wi-Fi network, tap “settings”, then “Wi-Fi”.

If the phone is plugged in for charging, once it is connected to Wi-Fi, it will stay connected. If you are syncing over the Internet using your data plan, there is no reconnect delay; the data connection is always on (unless you turn it off manually).
To manually sync your Windows Phone, tap “settings”, then “email+accounts”. Tap and hold the account that was created for AkrutoSync. Tap “sync”. After a few seconds, in the AkrutoSync window on your computer you should see sync status indicating when sync begins and ends.

iPhone and other iOS devices do not usually require manual sync. However, you can force a sync to start be opening an app. Opening the Calendar app starts calendar sync. Opening the Contacts app causes contacts to be synced immediately, etc.

Android phones do not usually require manual sync. Once the phone is connected to the network it begins to sync on its own. If you want manual control, we recommend the Power Control widget. The Power Control widget provides a sync button which can be used to enable and disable synchronization. Note that the sync button affects synchronization with all your email accounts, not just with AkrutoSync.