User Guide

Synchronizing Outlook Notes

Android and Windows Phone devices do not have built-in apps to synchronize Outlook Notes. If you want to synchronize Outlook Notes with an Android phone or tablet or with the Windows Phone, you need to install an app on your device. Please refer to our list of apps and setup instructions at

For Android, there are several third-party apps that that you can use to synchronize Outlook Notes. Please refer to the above list for instructions.

For the Windows Phone, you can use our own app – Basic Notes. The Basic Notes app has three configuration settings that need to be set for the app to synchronize notes with Outlook. These settings are server address, user name and password. The server address and the user name are displayed in the main screen of AkrutoSync. The password is the same password that you created when you configured AkrutoSync. Notes are synchronized only when the Basic Notes app is running. You can also use Viperal Tasks, which can synchronize not just Tasks, but also Notes. Please refer to the above list for instructions.

iOS devices have a built-in Notes app that syncs with AkrutoSync. No special setup is needed to sync Outlook Notes.