User Guide

Export your Hotmail contacts

Export contacts from your Hotmail, Windows Live, or account into a file on your computer. You can import this file into Outlook on your computer, so that you can use your contacts locally and synchronize your contacts with your smartphone using Akruto Sync. You may also want to save this file so that you have a backup of your contacts.

1) Log in into your, Windows Live or Hotmail account at

2) Click on the arrow in the top left corner of the web page as shown in the screenshot below

Hotmail Contacts - Navigation

3) Click “People”

Hotmail Contacts - People

4) Click “Manage”. You will see two export options. Select “Export for and other services” (see screenshot). Even if you are planning to import your contacts into Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, still choose the “Export for and other services” option.

Hotmail Contacts - Export

5) Save the CSV file on your computer.

Hotmail Contacts - Save

Your contacts are now saved in a file on your computer.