User Guide

Synchronizing Outlook Tasks

Mobile devices vary in how they work with Tasks.

iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices include a built-in app for Tasks. The app is called Reminders.

In the Windows Phone, Tasks appear in the Calendar app. Open the Calendar app and touch the three dots at the bottom of the screen. Select “Tasks” from the menu that appears. Note that in Windows Phone 8.0 and older, you need to open the calendar app and swipe to the left or right until you see the To-Do view.

In Samsung and HTC Android devices, Tasks appear in the Calendar app. Depending on what phone model you have, tasks may appear in a tab in the Calendar app (next to the Year, Month, Day tabs); or you may need to touch the menu key or the three-dot icon on the screen and select “Tasks” from the menu. Note that some of the older Samsung devices had a separate Tasks app, instead of including Tasks in the Calendar. Some Android devices from other manufacturers also include a Tasks app or have a Tasks view in the Calendar app.

Google Nexus and some other Android devices do not have built-in support for tasks. This is a choice that device manufacturer makes. If this is the case for your device and you would like to use Tasks on your device and synchronize them with Outlook, you can install one of several third-party Tasks apps listed at