User Guide

How to Obtain a DNS name from DNSDynamic

Click the “create an account” link in AkrutoSync window, next to the “Use my DNSDynamic account” option (see the screenshot).

Open a DNSDynamic account

You will be taken to the website of DNSDynamic. Click “sign up”.

DNSDynamic signup

Enter your email address and create a password. DNSDynamic will send you an activation email at the address you enter, so it needs to be your real email address. The password is not your email password. It is a new password that you are creating for your DNSDynamic account. Please write it down. You will need this password to enter in AkrutoSync, so that AkrutoSync can set up and maintain your DNS name for you.

DNSDynamic account

Click the “Submit” button. DNSDynamic will send you an email with an activation link. Click that link to activate your DNSDynamic account.

Once you complete the above, you do not need to do anything else on the DNSDynamic website. You do not need to login to your newly created DNSDynamic account. AkrutoSync will do this for you.

Go back to AkrutoSync configuration, select the “Use my DNSDynamic account” option and click “Continue”.

Select DNSDynamic

On the next screen, enter your DNSDynamic account information into AkrutoSync and click “Login”, so that AkrutoSync can log in to your DNSDynamic account.

Login to DNSDynamic

AkrutoSync will log in to your DNSDynamic account and offer you to generate a DNS name. Click the “Generate” button to generate a new DNS name.

Create a DNS name

AkrutoSync will generate a DNS name. Click “Continue” as shown in the screenshot below.

Continue setup with DNSDynamic

To finish setting up AkrutoSync, please continue with the User Guide section Completing AkrutoSync setup to sync over the Internet.