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Export Google Contacts to CSV or vCard

Wherever you want to export your Google Contacts, this guide will help you do contacts backup from Google Gmail. If you have a new phone, these steps will help transfer Google Contacts to the new phone. Or maybe you want to move your Google Contacts to iCloud, or get off the Google cloud altogether.

This guide shows you how to export Google Contacts into a CSV or vCard file. CSV and vCard files can be imported in many apps.

Export Google Contacts to CSV or vCard

In exporting Google Contacts, you’re essentially creating Google Contacts backup.

1. Open Google Contacts. If you’re in the new contacts with the blue bar at the top, select “More” and “Export” (as shown in the screenshot below). It’ll ask you if you want to switch to old Google Contacts.

Open Google contacts

2. Select “GO TO OLD CONTACTS” to switch to old Google Contacts.

Old Google contacts

Before doing the next steps, decide what Google Contacts you want to export:

  • Select contacts. Select the contacts you want to export now before Step 3.
  • A group.
  • All contacts.

And decide which export file format do you want (you’ll select it in Step 6):

  • CSV:

o Google CSV: For exporting into Google account.

o Outlook CSV: Unless you’re exporting to Google, choose this one.

  • vCard: If you’re exporting into iPhone, iPad, or other iOS, choose this one.

3. Select “More” to expand the menu.

Select more

4. Select “Export.”

Select export

5. Select the button next to the type of export you want:

a. Selected contacts: Be sure you selected them before Step 3.
b. The group: From the dropdown, select the group you want to export.
c. All contacts. Leave selected.

Select type of export

6. Select export file format.

Select export file format

7. Select “Export”

Select export

8. Select “Save File.”

9. Select “OK” to save it in your browser’s default download location.

Save Google contacts as CSV file

Your Google Contacts file has been exported as a CSV or vCard file in the location where all your downloaded files appear.

If you want your data off Google cloud, make sure to save the file and import your contacts into Outlook. Then you can delete Google Contacts.

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