User Guide

Set up Google Nexus 4 Android phone to sync with AkrutoSync

Start AkrutoSync program on your PC and click “Configure AkrutoSync”. AkrutoSync will guide you through the configuration process. When prompted to create an Exchange ActiveSync account on your Google Nexus phone do the following

1) Tap “Settings”

Google Nexus - Settings

2) Scroll through settings and click “Add account”

Google Nexus - Add account

3) Select “Corporate” or “Exchange” account type

Google Nexus - Corporate

4) Enter the email address shown in AkrutoSync window on your PC and the password you selected (the email address in the screenshot is just an example)

Google Nexus - Email Address

5) Put a checkmark in the “Accept all SSL certificates” checkbox. Tap “Next”.

Google Nexus - Accept all SSL certificates

6) Verify that “Inbox checking frequency” is setting set to “Automatic (Push)”. Tap “Next”.
NOTE: You may need to scroll to see the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Google Nexus - Sync Push

7) Give the new account a name. Tap “Next”.

Google Nexus - Account Name

Your Outlook contacts and calendar should start appearing on your Google Nexus 4 Android phone. It may take from a few minutes to an hour until all the data appears, depending on how much data you have. Plug your phone into a power source, keep Wi-Fi on and keep AkrutoSync window open on your PC until all data is transferred.