User Guide

How to prevent IP address changes

When a computer’s IP address changes, it means that the Wi-Fi router has assigned another IP address to the computer that’s running AkrutoSync. AkrutoSync does not initiate or cause the change in your computer’s IP address. This happens when a router is configured to have a short IP address lease time, or if your computer connects to a different router or modem. AkrutoSync detects the change and helps you update your device to connect to your computer’s new IP address.

You have two options to prevent future IP address changes.

  1. Use sync over Internet instead of sync over home network. With sync over Internet, a change in your computer’s IP address will not require making changes to the Akruto Exchange account on the iOS device. This is because the server address is a fixed DNS address.
  2. Create a DHCP reservation on the router, so that the computer running AkrutoSync always has the same IP address. DHCP reservation can be set up through your router’s interface. The steps vary for each router brand/model. You can find the steps in your router’s user guide or in an online search. Search for the router make and model + “DHCP reservation.”

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